About Gaia’s Garden

Jennifer first learned downward dog when she signed up for dance class in her college theatre program. Thank goodness the teacher was also a yoga instructor and made a large portion of the class yoga focused. The focus and mental control she’d learned as a theatre major transferred easily to the yoga mat. She was able to zone into her mind and body quickly through her teacher’s guidance. Little did she know that years later this would become imperative to her ability to birth her baby naturally and painlessly at home. 

Gaia’s Garden is full of secrets! I want to help you discover them in order for you achieve happiness and wellbeing for yourself and your family.


  • Workshops and private consultations marrying yoga, flower essences, aromatherapy, herbalism, reiki, and practical homeopathy. Find out how to incorporate these healing modalities into your family’s daily life.
  • Courses and private coaching in homebirth and parental support for new moms and moms of toddlers.

Each woman’s world is like a garden. We nourish relationships or we suffocate them. We shine our light onto them or we cast our darkness. We tend or we trample. We create what survives! I can help you learn how to use those rascally weeds so that your garden grows healthfully.

During pregnancy she listened daily to hypnobirthing tracks hungry to find meditations to help her connect to the little baby inside her. She longed for more. A community of like-minded women wanting to birth in the same way seemed impossible, so she decided to create it. 

Along her journey she has been inspired by so many incredible female voices. Some of her favorites including …Louise Hay, Shirley McClaine, Ina May Gaskins, Janet Balaskas, Debbie Wagle, Dr. Ioana Razi, Beth Chadsey, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Monica Fernandi, Diane Haworth, Danielle Laporte, Erin Sellers, Doris Faulconer, and Ora Richardson.