Bach Flower Consultations

Flower remedies are the friends that help lift us up in times of need. Edward Bach discovered this remarkable healing system in the 1920s and 1930s in the United Kingdom. 

People frequently ask me…How does it work? Healing comes from the very essence of the flower. They meet the human psyche on an energetic level. Everything is energy! Even that snickers bar you scarfed down on your commute transfers to energy. 

What can the remedies do for me?

Manifesting your Perfect Life

Do you feel like you’re on the verge of something wonderful? You don’t have to feel depressed or unhealthy to benefit from the flower essences. We all feel normal ups and downs in life that can affect the way we attain our dreams. 

Free Yourself from Negative Emotions

We’re human and it’s hard to change our perspectives. We are creatures of habit and cling to familiarity even when it no longer serves us. Flower remedies give you that little extra push to becoming the person you know you are inside. 

Have you realized that you’re completely stuck in a circular pattern of emotions? Perfect! That’s the first step to becoming unstuck! You don’t have to feel trapped in the past, resentful of your loved ones, or emotionally exhausted anymore. 

So many people steamroll through life blaming others for the way their own life is going. We try to change others to fit what we need, but we all know that this never works! People don’t change, only you can. Realizing that your feelings aren’t working is the first step to radical change in your life. Admitting to yourself that  you’re the one that could use a change is a great sign of emotional intelligence. It feels amazing to be free from unwanted feelings.

Children and Babies

Children experience stresses in school and the flower remedies are an incredible way to help empower them from the inside out. Does your child struggle at exam time, negative effects of bullying (from the bully or the bully’s victim), or need a self-confidence push? hese remedies are just what they need to live their sweet lives to their fullest.


Babies may have trouble adjusting to the new life in our busy world or still be reeling from a traumatic birth experience. Just being born is a traumatic event in our lives! We move from the safety of mother’s womb into a world of new sensations, sounds, and sights within a matter of minutes. Even the bright light of the sun is a new sensation for a newborn. Adults do not give babies enough credit. They understand so much more than we give them credit for!

Pregnancy and Postpartum (included in my Birth Prep Course)

Pregnancy is a highly emotional period for every woman. Hormones are elevated and often anxiety around the birth or becoming a mother run high. Bach’s remedies are safe in pregnancy and your unborn child will even benefit from the deep healing you discover while you carry your precious babe inside. 

Postpartum differs from mother to mother, but every woman experiences a real transformation once the baby is here. Postpartum depression is thankfully becoming more understood and these remedies can change

Once you start using the flower remedies you will never be the same. 

About Jennifer

Jennifer was introduced to the flower remedies in 2008. The first remedy she used was impatiens for the impatience she often felt as a 20 something year old. It was amazing how much transformation occurred with just a couple drops of this remedy. She began feeling like a completely different person in situations that regularly would have set her off.

After ten years of self study and friends coming to her asking for her help to heal with the flower remedies and homeopathy, Jennifer decided to become a certified Bach Flower practitioner. She studied under Rose Todd at the Bach Flower School in the United Kingdom and received her diploma in 2019. 

As a performer, Jennifer has experienced every level of human emotion through her characters and dramaturgy.  This combined with her empathetic nature gives her a deep understanding into the perspectives of others. She loves listening to the feelings that come up with patients and sharing this powerful, though gentle, healing system. The greatest reward is hearing the successes of her patients. She believes believes that everyone deserves to live at their highest potential.  

What to Expect in the consultation

Let’s work together to help you find the best version of yourself. Here’s how the process works.

Initial Consultation

After closely reviewing your questionnaire (see below), I’ll meet with you in person- or through video chat- for one hour. This is a heart-to-heart talk on how you want to feel. Think of it as a phone call to the person you trust most in the world. I will want to know about your goals, relationships, injuries or traumas (we all have them!), and patterns you may be stuck in that could be having a negative effect on your life.

Follow Up

I’ll check in with you to see how you’re feeling. Included free in every consultation. Schedule this at least two weeks after regularly using your remedy. Remember, you’re the only one that create the change you want in your life. I can help you find the best remedy, but you are the one who has to use it regularly to experience the benefits. 

Deeper Healing

After using your remedy for at least four months, you will begin to feel a shift in your life. You may find that new (rather even older and more historical) emotions have been drawn up to the surface. Maybe childhood pain or a specific trauma comes into the light for you. The human memory is wrapped like the layers of an onion, so as healing takes places, we are allowed a deeper scope of understanding. 

If you’re curious about freedom with flower remedies submit the questionnaire below to start the consultation process.

Change your mind to Change your world